Product Name Speed Min/Max

Output Size

Further Details


Colour Printer C7535 35 ppm A4 / A3

C7417, C 7417, CL3100, Colour Printer

Colour Printer C7417 17 ppm A4 / B5 / A6
Colour Printer C7528 28 PPM A4 / A5 / A3

DSM516, DSM 516, copier, printer, black and white

Copier / Printer


DSM516 60 pmm A4






Copier / Printer


DSM520 20 ppm A4
SPC 811 dn Colour Printer SPC811dn 40 ppm A3 – A6, B4- B6

P7027, P 7027, Black and White, Printer

B/W Printer P7027 27 ppm A4 / A3

DSC 460

Copier / Printer


DSC460 60 ppm A6 – A3
Scanner (B/W) PSC430 10 oon A3

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